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Conscious Capitalism

Everything we do can be done consciously or unconsciously.  Capitalism, the process whereby capital is mobilized on behalf of realizing some projects instead of others to produce goods and services for people, can be practiced either consciously or unconsciously.  We believe that the price system should be a guide, not a master – capital should be mobilized on behalf of making the world a better place, and we work to support those who aspire to do so, as well as discuss the extent to which existing mobilizations of capital contribute to the greater good.

FLOW co-founder John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods market, articulates an understanding of Conscious Capitalism, as it pertains to the functioning of a corporation.

We are developing a Conscious Capitalism Program with events, publications, media, and more. Stay tuned for news and developments soon.

Following is an image from the October 2007 Conscious Capitalism Retreat in Austin, TX.

Click here to download more images and notes from the retreat.


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