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Peace Through Commerce

Peace is one of FLOW’s most important goals.  Without peace, when people are being killed or living under the threat of being killed, aspirations towards prosperity, happiness, well-being, and sustainability take a backseat to the urgency of preserving life itself.

Entrepreneurial capitalism in a context of economic freedom leading to economic growth within countries and economic integration between countries, may be the most powerful force for peace on earth.  While other relevant factors and supporting institutions, such as democracy and international organizations, the theme of “Peace through Commerce” has been sadly neglected for the past hundred years.

After more than a century of mutual hostilities, since 1945 France and Germany have integrated their economies and found peace.  After nearly a century of terrorism and violence, Northern Ireland has found peace as the Irish economic miracle spilled over into Northern Ireland and dramatically reduced unemployment there.  Despite the various grounds for conflict around the world, as people become engaged in productive, satisfying lives in which they are confident that they can give their children a better life than they had, instigators of hatred and violence will steadily find fewer and fewer supporters.

FLOW is working in collaboration with OpenWorld to develop innovative Free Trade Zones, which embody the principles of Conscious Capitalism and provide substantial benefits to local communities.

Following are links to articles, organizations, and other resources with information to deepen understanding of the power of economic freedom, prosperity, entrepreneurial initiative, and trade to advance peace. Please let us know if you are aware of other significant sources.



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