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“Criticize by Creating”


About FLOW

Founded by innovative educator Michael Strong and Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO John Mackey, FLOW is dedicated to liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good and directing it towards creating sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all in our lifetime.

The FLOW Vision is based on the principles of economic freedom, voluntary exchange, and individual initiative, combined with social and environmental consciousness, and embodies FLOW Principles, which include commitments to human flourishing, non-violence, and radical tolerance.

The name “FLOW” has two primary roots:

  1. An optimal state of human experience in which individuals are fully engaged in creative endeavors, experiencing fulfillment, happiness, and well-being. This state is articulated by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in Flow:  The Psychology of Optimal Experience.
  2. The means by which increases in the free global flow of goods, services, capital, people, and information will accelerate human progress and well-being.

We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit fosters the flow state, and entrepreneurial creativity and innovation can create conditions that promote sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all, in our lifetime.


We envision a world in which everyone is living a life of flow: with meaningful engagement in productive, positive activity based upon creativity, optimism, and personal initiative.


  • Create sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all by liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good.
  • Articulate and animate an inspiring vision of a world with sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all, catalyzed and sustained by entrepreneurial initiative and conscious capitalism.
  • Serve as an "entrepreneur of meaning" to other organizations and initiatives.
  • Provide an inspiring yet pragmatic vision.
  • Create collaborative networks of organizations aligned with this vision and working to realize it.
  • Provide public outreach, education and engagement platforms to catalyze a mass movement based on this vision.
  • Cultivate awareness of the powerful role creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs play in the evolution and elevation of humanity.
  • Describe and foster those social, cultural, economic, and legal conditions that lead to increasingly effective entrepreneurial solutions to all problems.

Principles & Values

FLOW and the FLOW Community are committed to the following four core principles:

  1. Cultivate human flourishing,
  2. Practice non-violence and radical tolerance,
  3. Embrace freely-chosen, mutually beneficial solutions, and
  4. Criticize by creating!

FLOW is comprised by people from all geographic, social, economic and political spheres who believe in the FLOW vision and embody FLOW principles. The FLOW community is an open, free space in which people can work together to create sustainable, global peace, prosperity, and happiness.


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