Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs

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AWE is an alliance-based marketing campaign for the global women entrepreneurs movement – created to tell the story of women entrepreneurs and of how, by Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs, we can mitigate poverty, increase prosperity, and advance peace.

The campaign is designed to attract attention, energy, and resources to support women entrepreneurs worldwide to exponentially accelerate the number, scale, and positive impact of women entrepreneurs around the world, particularly in developing countries.

By engaging global audiences, including academia, governments, multi-national corporations, NGOs, community groups, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals AWE will:

  • Foster widespread recognition of the social and economic value, and high leverage, of investing in women entrepreneurs world-wide, and of the role women entrepreneurs play in advancing broadly distributed prosperity and promoting peace;
  • Effect legal reforms that facilitate enterprise creation for women around the world, especially for women living in poverty; and
  • Attract capital, technical expertise, mentoring, and other resources to support women entrepreneurs to flourish.

The AWE Alliance – catalyzed by FLOW to facilitate multi-sector collaboration, draw on the assets, resources, and capabilities of various Alliance Partners, and advance the shared objectives of the program while also addressing specific partner organizational needs and objectives.

  • Media partners will provide programming and advertising time and content.
  • Retail partners will provide point-of-sale exposure and opportunities for action.
  • Other corporate partners will provide product and promotional tie-ins, distribution channels, and access to stakeholders.
  • Non-profit partners will provide content, credibility, access to stakeholders and relationships.
  • Ongoing grass-roots marketing and public relations will provide sustained, extensive exposure for the program and program partners.

We strive to bring coherence to a vast and disparate community of organizations and individuals working to support women entrepreneurs, and to create a unified movement with a coherent image and message.

You can download the AWE Overview and a paper on Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs and the Women's Economic Empowerment by FLOW co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer Michael Strong.


AWE System

Why women?

The success of Grameen Bank and other microcredit institutions prove that when women are provided access to capital and appropriate support, their families and communities flourish.

As reflected by Dr. Yunus’ and Grameen Banks’s recent award of the Nobel Peace Prize, the microfinance model of lending is sowing the seeds of entrepreneurial culture among millions of women around the world and moving them from poverty to prosperity.

For the past several centuries, the combination of entrepreneurial culture and Economic Freedom have repeatedly created tremendous wealth, lifted millions of people out of poverty, and fostered profound innovation and evolution of technology, culture, and human capacity.

We envision a world overflowing with peace and prosperity, co-generated through the entrepreneurial energy of women in developing countries, the marketplace, and a conscious culture of communication and collaboration embodied by women and men around the world.

In 2007, FLOW launched Empowering Women Entrepreneurs - an ongoing outreach, education, and engagement program - to celebrate the role women entrepreneurs play in economic and social development, call attention to the emerging global, women’s economic empowerment system, and facilitate broad-based engagement with the system. In March 2008, the campaign shifted to the name Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs, which we will soon reflect throughout this site and our communications.

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