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Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship have proven themselves to be the fastest and most effective tools  the world has ever known for improving the human condition.  In order for entrepreneurs to bring their creative innovations to scale, they need access to The Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit,

  1. Secure, well-defined, and transferable property rights.

  2. Rule of law rather than rule of arbitrary authority.  For business purposes, reliable, timely, and fair contract enforcement is especially important.

  3. The freedom to create, manage, and grow legal enterprises, often referred to as "economic freedom."

With these three foundational tools in place, entrepreneurs can rapidly scale up valuable innovations and change the world.  

When the environment is also protected by secure, well-defined property rights, and when entrepreneurs are free to create new and better enterprises, especially in education, health care, insurance, community formation, and legal systems, then we have a system for accelerating human progress in happiness and well-being more rapidly than we’ve ever known.

The purpose of Freedom Lights Our World is to articulate and promote a vision for the world in which all of the potential innovators around the world – all six, going on seven, billion of them – have access to The Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit so that they can employ their genius for the betterment of humankind.  The founding document of Freedom Lights Our World is our book, Be the Solution: How Entrepreneur’s and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems.  This book provides a first draft of our approach to accelerating human progress toward sustainable peace, prosperity, happiness, and well-being for all.

See below for the three core elements required to implement the FLOW vision:

1. FLOW Worldview
2. FLOW perspective on government policy
3. FLOW's vision of entrepreneurial governments to increase innovation

Follow the links in order to learn exactly what we need to do to achieve sustainable peace, prosperity, happiness, and well-being for all in the next fifty years.


Freedom Lights Our World is The School of Day

"FLOW people really do believe in freedom, a belief much rarer than is commonly thought." 
       – Frederick Turner, poet and Shakespeare scholar

In a review of Mackey & Strong's new book Be the Solution, Frederick Turner, in the journal Conversations on Philanthropy described FLOW as “'The School of Day,' for they light explanations, transparency, and open knowledge; and though in certain regimes they would be (and some have been) targets for execution or assassination, they have so far dodged the bullets...

"Most of the best ideas for real progress in the world today have come neither from the right nor the left but from a radical center that is pragmatic, idealistic, playful, unashamed of its devotion to uplift, happily prepared to use the instruments of filthy lucre to improve the world, and incomprehensible to haters, ideologues, conspiracy theorists, and authoritarians...”

FLOW and the FLOW community are committed to:

   1. Cultivate human flourishing,
   2. Practice non-violence and radical tolerance,
   3. Embrace freely-chosen, mutually beneficial solutions, and
   4. Criticize by creating!




"Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference." ~ Joel Barker

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