Peace Through Commerce

Perhaps the most overlooked and yet the most powerful force for catalyzing widespread peace is commerce.

International trade, based on the rule of law and secure property rights within nations, encourages a peaceful coincidence of interests.

Commerce leads to peace in various ways, including:

  1. Trade requires at least a minimal level of cross-cultural understanding, communications, and collaboration. As it has done for millennia, the marketplace facilitates not only the exchange of goods and services, but also of ideas, beliefs, and customs, including music, food, and fashion. The bridges built between people and cultures through the marketplace foster understanding and peace.
  2. Commerce cultivates mutual dependence among trading partners, which leads to a mutual interest in their respective survival and well-being. It also fosters friendship and deeper exchange.
  3. Economic growth fueled by commerce leads to increased standard of living,which creates internal political stability, which highly correlates to peaceful relations with geopolitical neighbors.

    Notes: Economic Freedom of the World: 2005 Annual Report
    by James Gwartney and Robert Lawson with Erik Gartzke, published by The Fraser Institute.


Peace Through Commerce® is an integrated outreach, education, and engagement program which illuminates the contribution that commerce, trade, and economic development make toward building sustainable peace.

Peace is one of FLOW’s most important goals.

Without peace, when people are being killed or living under the threat of being killed,
aspirations towards prosperity, happiness, well-being, and sustainability take a backseat
to the urgency of preserving life itself.

Entrepreneurial capitalism in a context of economic freedom leading to economic growth within countries and economic integration between countries, may be the most powerful force for peace on earth. While other relevant factors and supporting institutions,such as democracy and international organisations, the theme of “Peace through Commerce” has been sadly neglected for the past hundred years.


A depiction of the PTC concepts from the November 2008 Peace Through Commerce conference
at The George Washington University.

FLOW and the Peace Through Commerce Alliance Partners are committed to celebrating and advancing the role of entrepreneurial market capitalism in promoting peace and well being.


Entrepreneurial market capitalism is the dominant economic system on the planet.
More people are connected to the culture and engaged in the practice of capitalism
than with any other cultural or social system.

Entrepreneurs are the engine of innovation, wealth creation, and social change.
The prosperity, stability, and interconnectedness generated through ethical trade
provide the underpinning for peace and general human flourishing.



Peace Through Commerce in a PDF by FLOW.
"Peace is the natural effect of trade." – Montesquieu

Prosperity Unbound by Elena Panaritis.
"Property and the enforcement of property rights is a backbone to sustainable and robust growth." – Panaritis

Waging Peace through Commerce by Michael Strong.
"...economic growth and prosperity can reduce terrorist violence." – Strong

A Million Paths to Peace by Michael Strong
"...fundamental turning of the tide from a world based on nationalism and violence to a world based on commerce and peace." – Strong

Economic Freedom and Peace by Erik Gartzke.
"The transformation of commerce made possible by economic freedom also leads to a transformation in international affairs. Conquest becomes expensive and unprofitable... Since prosperity is necessary for stable democracy and sufficient to produce peace, the best foreign policy is one that enhances and extends capitalism." –Gartkze


Watch the Peace Through Commerce promotional video above, produced for FLOW by Jim Tusty and Maureen Castle of Free to Choose Media.



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